Thor Odinson (Earth-616) from Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Master Edition Vol 1 14 0001
Did you ever hate me, Enchantress?
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Amora (Earth-616) from Avengers Classic Vol 1 7 001
No. You always did what you felt was right. You angered me, yes, and I was childish in that anger, yes. When young, I probably broke a lot of things I loved in tantrums. I'm flawed. We may be gods, but in all the ways that count, we are very human.
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Appearing in "Run Down"

Featured Characters:

  • Thor (1st Appearance of Thor's shirtless "costume")

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

Races and Species:



Synopsis for "Run Down"

Curzon pursues his research into Norse myths as well as media accounts of Thor and Asgard. Thor and the Enchantress begin to fall in love and explore a relationship with each other. Amora has cast a spell around her apartment to protect Thor, as well as having a new costume provided for him. Both Thor and Curzon have reached the same conclusion, someone has convinced Yggdrasil that Ragnarok has already happened, so it is trying to erase him.


In this issue, one character reads the book A Guide to Norse Religion, which says that Odin, Vili and Ve are the sons of Buri. In reality, they are grandchildren of Buri.

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