Quote1 I would have made them beat themselves with chains and gash themselves with copper knives in gratitude! Which explains why that Avengers membership for me has always been so elusive. Quote2
-- Amora

Appearing in "In Mortal Guise"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Jimmy
  • "Legs"
  • "Nef"

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "In Mortal Guise"

Thor and Amora decide to spend a night out on the town and wake up in Central Park as mortals, all their magic seemingly gone. Victor is awakened by a threatening phone call, saying they know he has it. Thor and Amora head back to her apartment to find it completely empty, and her servants gone. They are no longer under her spell and took everything for their years of enslavement. Thor is out for a walk, looking at construction sites for work when he comes across several men assaulting Annie. Thor manages to stop them even without his powers, and the Black Widow invites him to rejoin the Avengers.

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