Quote1.png Yes, he was a good boy...dead now. Ever'body dead now... Asgard dead... brothers dead 'long time ago. Did I say I killed my son...? Dead as 'doornail. I killed him. Came to me for help an' I slammed the door in his face... Boom! So he died! Quote2.png
-- Wad

Appearing in "Life Preservation"

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Synopsis for "Life Preservation"

Thor has agreed to help Victor until he can get the Raven’s Eye turned over to a museum. Thor and the others are attacked by a helicopter, then by mechanical tentacles that drag them into the sewers, where they are followed by Wad. He keeps babbling about Thor and all the Asgardians being dead. Victor gets a phone call saying that they have his wife and daughter and to bring the sword to the sewers. They follow the sewers to where they see Loki, who apparently wants the sword for himself. But when Odin sees it, he makes a grab for it. In a bright flash, Thor, Odin, Kim, Silvia, and Annie are all transported somewhere else and are all dressed like Vikings.


  • Art (story pages): Deodato Jr. pages 1-11, Bastianoni and Vancata pages 12-16, Rinaldi and Lanning pages 17-22.
  • Colour separations by Malibu.
  • Page 32: letters page.

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