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Quote1.png No more chains! You are all free! Together we can vanquish the Trolls and restore Asgard! Who is with me?! Uh, wait...the fight is this way... Quote2.png
-- Thor

Appearing in "Sunlight and Shadows"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Sunlight and Shadows"

Thor finds Asgard in ruins, overrun by Trolls and Ice Giants fighting for control of the city. Going on, he finds the human Aesir enslaved along with Doctor Strange. Thor frees them and tells Thor that the Loki he saw was really a robot controlled by the Mad Thinker, whose brain was fried when they were transported to Wagnerland. Elsewhere, the Enchantress has been captured by the Ice Giants and is helping them to try and take Asgard. Inside the city, Annie helps Silvia escape from the prison where she was being held, and Kim fights off some Ice Giants. They all make their separate ways to the palace, where Strange tells Thor that since Yggdrasil believes that there are no more gods, it cast them all down to Earth as mortals. At the palace, Thor finds the sword embedded in the wall. Thor grabs the sword, which turns to dust, and his full power is restored. Thor sends the Ice Giants running, and he and Strange both agree that they must return to Earth, sensing something more menacing there.

Appearing in 2nd story

  • Buri (in Odin's family tree)
  • Mimir (in Odin's family tree)
  • Borr (in Odin's family tree)
  • Bestla (in Odin's family tree)
  • Vili (in Odin's family tree)
  • Ve (in Odin's family tree)
  • Odin
  • Hoder (in Odin's family tree)
  • Jord (in Odin's family tree)
  • Thor (in Odin's family tree)
  • Grid (in Odin's family tree)
  • Vidar (in Odin's family tree)
  • Laufey (in Odin's family tree)
  • Farbauti (in Odin's family tree)
  • Loki (in Odin's family tree)
  • Frigga (in Odin's family tree)
  • Tyr (in Odin's family tree)
  • Hermod (in Odin's family tree)
  • Balder (in Odin's family tree)

Synopsis for 2nd story

  • Synopsis not yet written.


  • Wraparound cover.
  • Pages 38 & 39: Thor Quiz.
  • Pages 40 & 41: The Garb of Thunder.
  • Pages 42 & 43: The Family of Odin. Features a number of Odin's relatives. Grid, Farbauti and Bestla are not graphically depicted in this image.

    Odin Family Tree

  • Pages 44 & 45: Hot Facts About the Heavy-Hitting Hammer of Thor.
  • Pages 46 & 47: letters page and answers to the Thor Quiz.

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  • The Grand Comics Database: Thor Vol 1 [1]


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