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Appearing in "Defining Moments"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • unnamed Latverians
  • Frank (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Defining Moments"

Thor is sitting by a campfire, discussing the broken Mjolnir with Blake, wondering what will happen if they try to change places. They decide to try, and it works, but is apparently quite painful. In Latveria, Balder is talking with von Doom about their staying in Latveria, and he ultimately agrees. In Asgard, the Warriors Three decide that if Thor's exile prevents him from coming back, then they are going to exile themselves with him, if only they can get Volstagg to sober up long enough to do it. Back in Broxton in Bill's Diner, Kelda enters to talk to Bill. They go outside and she tells him that she has no choice but to follow her king to Latveria, but she wanted him to know that she loves him. Back in his apartment, Blake is taping all the splinters of his cane together in the hope that if he tries to change into Thor, that somehow Mjolnir will be repaired, when Loki sends him a message. She "claims" that she has finally discovered the truth about her form, and tells Blake that it is in truth the body of Sif, who is someplace dying. That she is going to be taking her true form since it is "returning", but that it might kill Sif since the body she inhabits is so weak. In another part of Broxton, Bill has come to a realization, and drives out to Asgard. There he tells Kelda that he loves her too, and he's going with her.

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