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Quote1.png It would require taking almost all of that power from you, and investing it in Mjolnir. You would be back where you were before you inherited his power. But there's something else. If I do this, if I take from you the power to recreate Mjolnir, then you and the hammer will be bound together as never before. As goes Mjolnir, so goes Thor. If the hammer is ever destroyed or damaged again this badly - you will die. Quote2.png
Doctor Strange

Appearing in "Uncertain Destinies"

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  • Nurse Rossi (First appearance) (Nurse assisting Jane Foster)

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Synopsis for "Uncertain Destinies"

Jane Foster is called into the room of Mrs. Chambers, who is undergoing what appears to be cardiac arrest. She whispers to Jane "Not my body...She is here." Back in Don Blake's hotel room, he gets a phone call from Jane telling him that she knows where Sif is, she's located inside Mrs. Chambers. He tries changing to Thor, but with Mjolnir broken is is extraordinarily painful, and Thor passes out.

In Latveria, Kelda and Bill are talking and she goes to see where her lodgings are for the night, leaving Bill by the fire. He is visited by Balder, who gives him a cloak to wear to help keep him warm. They talk about him being among the Asgardians and Balder tells him that he is welcome there since he came for love of Kelda. Balder then tells him that they are in Latveria and are guests of Victor von Doom, and Bill freaks out a little.

Thor awakens twenty minutes later and discovering Mjolnir still broken, goes to find a powerful magician to help heal his hammer. In the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, he discovers Doctor Strange, and begins telling him of his need. Stephen tells him that on his own, he cannot do it, he requires the energy of Odin since Odin invested a portion of his own life into the hammer. Thor offers to sacrifice the power of Odin within himself to the task. Stephen tells him that it's not just that, he will no longer have the Odinpower, he will be as he was before gaining it, and he will be forever tied to Mjolnir, closer than ever before. The destruction of one, means the destruction of the other. Thor agrees, and Stephen summons magics. Elder forces begin passing through Thor, carrying away the Odinpower, and depositing it in Mjolnir. When it is done, Thor sees himself in Mjolnir for a brief second, then his hammer is whole once more.

Thor flies to the hospital with all speed, reaching Mrs. Chambers just in time and calls Sif forth, at the same moment of Mrs. Chambers death. As Thor and Sif leave, and Jane Foster goes to inform her family, the spirit of Don Blake, from the Void, visits her. He tells her that he feels sorry for her, that she had to go through so much, and he didn't even know her name. Her spirit appears to him and tells her that her name is Rose, and a little about herself before joining the other side.

In Latveria, Dr. Doom and Loki (now in his male body) discuss the welfare of the Asgardians. They are in general happy, to live in familiar climes, and Dr. Doom now has a powerful warrior army at his disposal. Elsewhere, Bill and Balder discuss why the Asgardians are there, and Balder tells him that being a prince and liege means sometimes doing what makes the least sense. Balder leaves and Bill goes outside, followed by three Asgardians, who are looking to pick a fight with the mortal. Kelda interferes, throwing Bill a spear made out of poisoned ice she created, causing them to decide better and leave. Balder goes to Heimdall and asks what he sees, and Heimdall tells him that he sees death approaching.


  • Since Dr. Strange is wearing the Eye of Agamotto, it's safe to assume this issue takes place before events in New Avengers.

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