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Quote1 For all I've done, for all I am, I'm still mortal. If these -- procedures -- will allow me to gain immortality, then there will be nothing I cannot accomplish. Quote2
Dr. Doom after vivisecting Endrik.

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Synopsis for 1st story

Thor gives Sif a mortal identity as Sylva and takes her to Mrs. Sooners boarding house for a room. Meanwhile, the Warriors Three are in town and decide that since Bill's gone, they'll "watch over" his diner for him, since people still need to eat. In Latveria, Doom and Loki are beginning their plans. Doom as refitted several old Doombots to attack and kill Don Blake, while Loki takes Endrik for Doom's procedure. Bill is in Kelda's room, and he's telling her that he needs to help Balder somehow. She gives him a sword and tells him that she loves him. Doom vivisects him and discovers that he continued to live for five full minutes after having his heart removed, and he is a regular Asgardian, not someone on Thor or Loki's power levels. Bill is outside a window and overhears Loki telling Doom that he can take as long, and as many Asgardians as he likes. No one will miss them, but then Loki notices Bill outside the window, and blasts him to the ground below. Several warriors loyal to Loki swarm out to attack Bill. He manages to hold them off for a few minutes, until one finally runs him through just as Balder rides up and sees Bill dying.

Solicit Synopsis

The people of Asgard are fractured, as Loki’s scheming plans start to bear poisonous fruit. In Latveria, Balder and his loyal followers have a home at the tender mercies of Victor Von Doom. Out in the wide open world, Thor and his followers in exile roam without a country. As Loki puts the final calculated moves in play…will the spirit of Asgard itself be destroyed? Don't miss the critically acclaimed, fan-favorite, multiple-Eisner-nominated THOR!

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