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Quote1.png We would wage a war against men or gods. But what we face are animals, and they, we hunt. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Latverian Prometheus, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "Latverian Prometheus, Part 1"

Kelda goes after Doom to make him pay for killing her lover Bill. When he told her that death would've claimed Bill sooner or later, she blasts him with powerful lightning. But it is actually a Doombot. She descends into Castle Doom, she walks into Doom's lab. Then suddenly, she is grabbed by the throat by another Doombot before the real Doom shows up. He explains that he is curious to find out what give Asgardians their power. The Doombot then tears out Kelda's heart.

In Oklahoma, Donald Blake is calling Jane Foster to tell her that he's crippled his leg, and she insists on him getting proper treatment for it.

In Latveria, in the Asgardian camp, Heimdall sounds the Gjallerhorn to summon all Asgardians to war, even those in exile. Tyr has answered the call, but Thor doesn't. Tyr assumes it's because Thor is a traitor, but Balder thinks it must be because Don Blake walks the Earth and not Thor. However, he declares that as king, he will act agianst Doom and Loki.

Back in Oklahoma, the Warriors Three are running Bill's Diner for him, while Blake makes a phone call to Reed Richards. Reed and Don discuss who could possibly create the robots and then leave no trace of their creator in the handiwork, Reed narrows it down a little until Don tells him where Loki is staying.

Back in the Asgardian camp, Balder hosts a funeral pyre for Bill, before informing the Asgardians about Doom and Loki's treachery. He tells everyone but a select few to return to Asgard. Then suddenly, Loki stumbles into the camp, trying to warn them of what Doom is up to: experimenting on their people. Balder doesn't believe him at all and declares that he share die for his deceit. Loki admits that it is his fault for bringing them to Latveria and asks for a fair trial before death.

The Asgardians approach Doom's castle and tell him that they are there to have their revenge and claim whatever remains of their kin. Doom tells Balder that he denies their vengeance, but he will gladly give back their kin. Summoning Endrik, Doom reveals that he has implanted vast amounts of technology and weapons in the animated Asgardian, and behind Endrik come even more Asgardians mutilated into cybernetic abominations, now all serving Doom. The Asgardians are horrified, and don't want to fight their own suffering people, but Balder realizes that they must. As Doom watches from his castle walls, it begins to rain as a voice from behind him tells him that Doom has a hard lesson to learn. Turning, he sees Thor landing behind him.

Solicit Synopsis

Has Doctor Doom crossed a line…? And what role did Loki play in Doom’s sinister plans? What did Loki know…and when…? Now, as Thor heads to Latveria to settle the score, only one thing can happen: Thor sitting Doom down and having a serious chat about their feelings. By which we mean, STATE-OF-THE-ART SLEDGHAMMER SKY-SCRAPING SUIT-SMASHING SUPERHEROICS! Billy Tan (NEW AVENGERS) draws the action-packed escapades while Kieron Gillen (NEW UNIVERSAL: 1959, DARK REIGN: ARES, Phonogram) starts his six issue run. Hold onto your runestones, True Believers – things get hectic quick!

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