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Doctor Doom

Appearing in "Latverian Prometheus, Part 2"

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Synopsis for "Latverian Prometheus, Part 2"

Thor strikes at Doom, throwing him off his castle balcony, while Balder and the other Asgardians fight off the cyborg corpses of their fellow Asgardians that Doom has mutilated. Thor demands to know what Doom had done. The villain answers that he is raising himself above the Asgardians. Just then, Thor rushes to Balder's side. The real Doom then reveals himself and hurls Kelda's body to them, telling them that there is what's left of the goddess they came for, so they can now leave. Enraged, Thor leaps up and throws a bolt a lightning at Doom, only to find out that its a Doombot and it was connected to a cable that lead into Doom's lab, empowering a mysterious object.

Meanwhile, in the Asgardian camp, Loki asks his guards to let him help save Kelda. Arriving at Castle Doom, he tells the sons of Odin that her heart has been ripped from her body. However, from what Doom told him, an Asgardian's body still persists, even when the heart is removed. Heimdall locates Kelda's heart deep in the castle. Thor smashes through three walls to get to it. Upon arriving in Doom's lab, he is grabbed from behind by an enormous armored fist. Doom tells him that he was fascinated by the Destroyer armor, and he could create a thing like it, but not exactly. It was missing a vital spark of energy, the life energy of the Asgardians. And now that it's almost fully powered, Doom climbs inside and begins marching towards Thor.

Solicit Synopsis

The invisible hand of Loki’s sly tricks has made plain the treachery that lay in store…and after the devastating events of THOR: DEFINING MOMENTS GIANT-SIZE and THOR 604, everything comes to a head! The volatile balance of power in Latveria is tipped, and all sides march toward all-out war!

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