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Quote1.png I say as long as two Asgardian brothers stand together, Asgard stands too. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Siege: Ragnarok, Conclusion"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Ragnarok (Flashback & Destruction in the Main Story)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Siege: Ragnarok, Conclusion"

The result of the Siege of Asgard is the fury of the Void. Loki takes back the Norn Stones from the Hood to grant the Avengers a fighting chance, only to be destroyed by the Void, whom Thor destroys in retaliation. The Instigator of the attack, Norman Osborn, is apprehended by Volstagg.

The next day, the Asgardians lament their failure in stopping the attack. Thor returns to Asgard, on Balder's request, lifting his exile, to discuss some matters.

Elsewhere, Kelda turns to help out. A Valkyrie tells her that there is something in Valhalla's halls that she must see.

As the two half-brothers walk side-by-side, Balder discusses how Loki was involved in both the resurrection of Bor and the recent siege. He feels that it is best that Thor reclaims the throne. However, Thor declines.

Meanwhile, Volstagg is pulling his weight in moving the rubble, feeling remorse for being partially responsible for all that's happened. He then finds someone buried beneath the rubble, someone he recognizes.

The Valkyrie shows Kelda that Bill is among those feasting in Valhalla. However, a barrier separates her from her deceased love, for the dead and living can never be together. However, Kelda is determined to find a way.

Balders shows Thor that the fall of Asgard was of his own doing. Thor corrects that this is the result of what him being exiled led to. He offers to be Balder's adviser, which he accepts. Then suddenly, the sound of thunder is heard. The source is Ragnarok, the cyborg clone of Thor, who has bested the Warriors Three. Determined to end this abomination, Thor leaps into battle. As they clash, Ragnarok calls himself the last "true' son of Asgard, standing against a false one. Thor corrects that he stands on the bodies of those he has slain, including Bill Foster. Summoning all of his power, Thor destroys the cyborg-clone. He then walks off with Balder to start rebuilding Asgard.

Solicit Synopsis

THOR vs. THOR! Standalone issue! You’ve heard the word of mouth about Kieron Gillen’s critically acclaimed run on THOR…now he teams with the legendary Doug Braithwaite (THOR: GOD-SIZED SPECIAL) to bring you the God of Thunder’s fight of the decade! The Siege of Asgard has devastated the Shining City, and the Norse heroes have suffered tremendous losses…but the worst is yet to come! Taking advantage of the chaos, the insane clone of Thor called RAGNAROK comes to Asgard to kill Thor and all his kind! Will Ragnarok be the end of what little was able to survive the Siege?!

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