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Quote1.png Very well. Welcome, Thor! Spawn of the passion of Odin Skyfather and Gaea Earthmother, of the fallen halls of Asgard... I give you Hell. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Fine Print, Part 2"

Featured Characters:

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Other Characters:

  • Bor (Only in flashback)
  • Loki (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "The Fine Print, Part 2"

Brün, leader of the Dísir, knows that Asgard will send reinforcements to Hell and they must make haste in piercing Hela's fortress.

Back in Asgard, Tyr is worried that they may never be able to combat the Dísir, given that they slew Hakon so easily. Thor reminds him that Hakon was killed by simply saying their name. Kelda then approaches to tell the history of the Dísir. They were once Bor's Valkyrie, until the night he found them feasting on the flesh of their own kin. And so Bor cursed them, declaring that they shall only feast on Asgardian souls but never on Hel or Asgard soil. Such scorned women are dangerous, but Kelda assures everyone that she and Heimdall can detect them if they ever approach Asgard. Hela then tells the sons of Odin that she can only bring two to her realm. Knowing that, as king, he must remain, Balder dispatches both Thor and Tyr to go to Hel and save their dead brethren.

But when they arrived, the Odinsons runs right into an ambush. Thor soon finds that even Mjolnir cannot harm the Dísir. Hela manages to send out her legions of the dead, each puppet containing a sliver of her soul, to distract the Dísir, while Thor and Tyr flee into her fortress. Meeting a puppet that resembles her, Hela insists that they must make haste. But Thor refuses to budge until she explains what's going on. Reluctantly, Hela explains that when the Siege of Asgard begun, Loki came to her, revealing that the Dísir indeed existed. But he also brought their bane -- the Eir-Gram.

And now, the Dísir have stolen the weapon. The only few ways to retrieve it is if she abstains from her duty of protecting the dead to summon the Eir-Gram, or they go directly to Mephisto's Realm. Thor advises that Tyr stay to bolster her defenses, while he goes to fetch the Eir-Gram and averts this doom.

Outside Hela's fortress, the Dísir Göndul foresees that Thor is going to retrieve their bane. But Brün isn't concerned, for her swordsister Kara had taken the sword to Mephisto's fourth courtroom.

Back inside Castle Hela, Tyr pleads with Thor to let him go instead, fearing that he may be no match for the Dísir and cited that Thor was a better leader than him. Thor admits that while he fought with gods and men, there are no such things here in Hel, only Hela's puppets. He tells Tyr that his skills as a tactician are his best strength, his magic.

In transit to Hell, Thor is brought before Mephisto himself, wanting to talk before the Thunder God sets foot in his domain. He warns Thor that his subjects won't be pleased with his presence. He tries to make a bargain, promising to give him the Eir-Gram and a "happily ever after" for Asgard if he agrees. But Thor remains silent the whole time. Seeing that he wants to do this the hard way, Mephisto grants him entry to Hell.

Solicit Synopsis

Thor goes to Hell! In the aftermath of SIEGE, heavy metal horror and adventure! Fan-favorite writer Kieron Gillen continues his bestselling and critically acclaimed THOR run, reteamed with Doug Braithwaite. A lingering menace created by fiendish Loki as an afterthought returns to wreak havoc on the Asgardians! Can Thor and his unlikely allies defeat this devastating force of destruction?! Or in their weakened state after the battles of Siege, will this new, ancient enemy prove too strong?

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