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Quote1.png But my little Eir-Gram... Those who enter it's Loki-wrought tale will more than desire it. They will need it. And what they will do to gain it...will be legend. Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Fine Print, Part 3"

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Synopsis for "The Fine Print, Part 3"

Prior to the Siege of Asgard, Loki is using the fires of Mephisto's Hell to forge the Eir-Gram.

In the present, Thor is fighting his way through the hordes of Mephisto's children. He did not stop for anything, even to do a demon's riddle. But he does stop to see his mother, Gaea, a part of Hell. But looking into her eyes, he sees that she is content to maintaining Hell, as it is a part of Earth.

Back in Asgard, Heimdall and Balder have grown concerned over Kelda, who has been sitting outside the halls of Valhalla, seeing her lost love Bill feasting with the other fallen warriors. After contemplating what she has done during her time with Bill, she finally consents to join Balder in discussing how best to protect Asgard.

Meanwhile, in Hel, Tyr is directing Hela's puppets against the Disir. But Hela was stretched to her limits in splitting her soul into her puppets. Ultimately, the Disir break their lines and go after Hela's slumbering form. Tyr stands in her defense, expecting to die an honourable death, only for the cursed Valkyrie to pass through him, knowing that if they kill him, then they cannot eat his soul. They even ignore him, thinking him not a threat. But he soon proves them wrong, as he takes off the cast where his left arm use to be, as his own soul manifests into a weapon, which he uses to great effect against the Disir.

Eventually, Thor makes it to the Eir-Gram but soon finds that he cannot lift it. Mephisto explains that the Disir who placed it there simply enchanted it to only go for who it "Doth belong". With Hela calling him from Hel, Thor makes a hard decision: calling on the Disir, who decide to end him.

Solicit Synopsis

It's the poisonous fruit of Loki's trickery during the Siege, as the God of Thunder battles demons and monsters to cross from one side of the desolate dimension to the other! At stake...his life and the fate of all Asgardians!

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