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Quote1.png N-nay! This change -- shouldn't happen -- not here in Asgard! Must...protect Olson... Quote2.png
Thor after changing back to Olson after 60 seconds while in Asgard

Appearing in "The Dark Wars, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "The Dark Wars, Part 1"

Tokkots has returned to Asgard, and reports to Perrikus that Thor still lives. Perrikus commands that Adva show him the Earth and find Thor. Adva appears to glimpse Thor for just a second, then disappears. At that exact instant, Thor is changing into Jake Olson, who is talking to Marnot, who is trying to convince him that attacking the Dark Gods outright is foolish. Jake tells Demitrius and Hannah that he has to go out of town for a couple of days, confusing the both of them. Just then, Detective O'Neil shows up with a report that drugs are missing from the hospital pharmacy and wants to know if anyone they know is acting suspiciously.

In Asgard, the Dark Gods press Odin to reveal to them what Thor is doing and how is he hiding from them. As Jake is headed out of the hospital, he bumps into Jane Foster, who asks Jake some questions, which convinces her that Jake is really Thor. Especially when Perrikus shows up in a gigantic image over New York, demanding that Thor reveal himself, or they will kill Asgardians, starting with Sif. As Jane is transfixed on the image of a bloody and beaten Sif, Jake runs off, just as Demitrius, Hannah, and Det. O'Neil arrive wanting to know if she has seen Jake.

Jake transforms into Thor, and transports himself to Asgard, where he sees what the Dark Gods have done to the once golden city. Refuse and vermin are everywhere, and spoiled wastes and the remains of the dead cling to him as he passes. Thor eventually makes his way inside the city, where he is greeted by Majeston Zelia and the Dark Gods, and he sees Odin, Sif, and Balder all bound and bloody. Perrikus then calls out Thor, challenging him to the death, and begins blasting him with energy. Thor fights his way forward, being slashed by Perrikus' scythe, and razor-sharp barbs slice into his flesh. Thor blasts Perrikus with an energy blast from Mjolnir, which Perrikus withstands. Thor then hurls Mjolnir with the intent of ending the fight, but Perrikus slices through Mjolnir, cutting it in half. In shock, Perrikus begins pounding on Thor relentlessly, until a strange metamorphosis begins to overcome Thor. Sixty seconds have passed and he begins to change back into Jake Olson. Thor crawls under a grate just before the change happens, much to the delight of Majeston Zelia, and an enraged Perrikus.

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