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Quote1.png Me. Tonto to your Lone Ranger. Bucky to your Captain America. Not a chance. Quote2.png
Preston Case inhabiting the Destroyer

Appearing in "The Dark Wars, Part II"

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Synopsis for "The Dark Wars, Part II"

After having changed into Jake Olson, Jake crawls away into one of the sewers to protect himself. Perrikus is enraged that he got away, and tries to pick up Mjolnir, but finds that he can't. Even damaged, he is still unworthy. Jake crawls through the sewers, through the muck, until he is found by other Dark Gods, the workers of Slototh. They knock him out and take him to Slototh, who puts him to work. Soon, Jake hears a familiar voice cry out, and sees a startling sight. The once voluminous Volstagg is now a skinny twig of a man, but still enraged. Jake lashes out at one of the guards, who crumbles to dust, only to find Tokkots in his place. Tokkots grabs Jake, and recognizing him as Thor, takes him back to the others. Perrikus demands that he change back to Thor and begins to batter him about the room, until he is close to Mjolnir. Picking up the broken pieces of Mjolnir, Jakes transforms back into Thor. Thor decides that discretion is the better part of valor, and whirling Mjolnir, transports himself away. Leaving a shocked collection of Dark Gods and Asgardians at his parting. Thor has transported himself to an unnamed planet, and is asking for help. From the Destroyer.

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