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Quote1.png So it's true. Jake Olson's a thief and a drug pusher. Put out a warrant for his arrest. That slime is going down. Quote2.png
Det. Brady O'Neil

Appearing in "The Work of Odin"

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Synopsis for "The Work of Odin"

The Asgardians are celebrating their victory over the Dark Gods, and Odin calls forth Thor and grants him any request he desires. He states that his greatest wish is that for Asgard to be restored to its former glory and the tarnish of the Dark Gods wiped away forever. Odin then commands Thor to hold Mjolnir into the Flame of Scirorrak, and infusing it once again with his power, Odin repairs Mjolnir. Just then, Marnot arrives and appears to know Odin very well. Marnot finally reveals himself as Odin's other raven Hescamar.[1] Hescamar reveals the truth to them all, that he was a failsafe plan against the Dark Gods. When they attacked, a spell was carried out that transformed him into the semblance of a man with the power and majesty of Odin, whose task was to find all the Asgardians not yet located and to hide them, so that they could regroup and counter-attack. Odin then fulfills another promise and transports Preston Case's spirit out of the Destroyer and into Thrudstok, where Thor takes it to Earth and returns him to his human form, where he awakens from his coma with no memory of being the Destroyer at all. Thor returns to Asgard where they continue celebrating. But back on Earth, in Jake's apartment, Detective O'Neil issues a warrant for Jake's arrest after a search reveals several of the missing drugs from the hospital pharmacy.

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  1. Just for the record, Odin has never, ever, ever had three ravens.
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