Quote1.png Enrakt. Mourner of Forsung. Brother to Brona and Magnir, the Enchanters. Pledged one and all to the destruction of thy murderous, treacherous, dog of a father! Quote2.png
-- Enrakt

Appearing in "Hammer Time!"

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  • Memorial Hospital



Synopsis for "Hammer Time!"

Colonel Preston Case is finally checking out of the hospital, and thanking Jane for helping him, when Iron Man bursts into the emergency room carrying Jake Olson, who's suffering from a heart attack. Jane has him carry Jake to ER5 and begins to stabilize him. Hannah and Demitrius are concerned and pressing Iron Man for answers.

Iron Man begins to tell them how he was helping Thor recover fragments of Bifrost, and of meeting up with Namor, who recovered the Asgardian shipwreck.[1] Thor then returned them all to Asgard. Thor transports himself and Iron Man along with the debris to the Rainbow Bridge where they are greeted by Heimdall. Going into the city of Asgard, they find the Warriors Three and several other Asgardians busy with the rebuilding of Asgard. Inside the throne room, they find Odin returning friends and enemies alike to their proper homes, but Orikal has a warning for Thor that all is not what it seems, and that forces conspire against him. Thor and Iron Man return to Earth, where they appear not at Avengers Mansion, but somewhere else, and Thor expresses concern that Mjolnir has been acting strangely of late. But they don't have time to figure it out, because Titania and the Absorbing Man are busy tearing up midtown. Thor hurls Mjolnir at them, but it careens off course and embeds itself in a wall. Distracted by this, Thor begins to take a beating from Creel. As Iron Man fights off Creel and Titania, Thor runs off as he changes back to Jake Olson. As he prepares to grab Mjolnir, a voice from within it tells him to leave, and calls him an accomplice to murder. Stunned, Jake looks on as an energy form begins to pour forth from within Mjolnir, taking the form of Enrakt, one of the Enchanters. Enrakt reaches forth and passes a hand through Jake's heart, causing him to go into cardiac arrest. Iron Man locates him after Enrakt leaves, and ponders the parallels of Thor's current situation and his days as Don Blake.

In some dream or spirit world, Thor is overcome by thousands of faces that he knows, and sees Jake Olson, who tries to tell him something, but Thor cannot hear him. Thor disappears from from this place, just as Jane stabilizes his heart. She comes out to give the others the news, as Detective O'Neil arrives to arrest Jake Olson for being a drug dealer.

Solicit Synopsis

The Thunder God's difficulties with Mjolnir are exposed as THOR and special guest-star IRON MAN clash with the ABSORBING MAN and TITANIA - in a bout that leaves JAKE OLSON in dire straits!

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