Quote1 Your partner, Demitrius. One of our best. Been working undercover on this case for a long time now. We couldn't get a break until we got him assigned to your ride, Olson. Quote2
-- Detective O'Neil revealing that Demitrius is an undercover cop.

Appearing in "At Last -- Disclosure!"

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  • Memorial Hospital


Synopsis for "At Last -- Disclosure!"

Odin is in Asgard, looking over the slowly going reconstruction of Asgard, when his new Grand Vizier, Tarakis, comes to him to reveal that all the Asgardian artifacts have been returned except for one. Mjolnir, which is now embedded in a wall on Midgard. Odin sends the Warriors Three to investigate, and feeling drained, drinks a potion from Tarakis to help him recover. Back on Earth, Jake is in a hospital, recovering from his heart attack, and recalling the first time Thor battled the Enchanters[1]. In the alley where Mjolnir is stuck, people are lined up to try and pull it from the wall, like a modern-day Excalibur. Hannah comes in to see Jake, and he swears to her that the police's claims are not true. Just then, Detective O'Neil comes in and tells him to confess, that they've got a mountain of evidence, and when Hannah tries to defend him, O'Neil brings in their prime proof - police Detective Demitrius Collins. Demitrius was working undercover the entire time, and that they have audio and video of him robbing the hospital pharmacy. Jane Foster comes into the room, and demands that they leave, because Jake's her patient. But the damage is done, Jake begins to wonder if they might be right. As Thor in reality, he has no knowledge of what Jake might or might not have done before he took over his life. They all leave, and Jake collapses into Jane's arms, overcome by the knowledge that the person he is might in reality be a criminal. He tells her that he must escape, but he needs Jane's help. Back in the alley, the Warriors Three arrive, and go to grasp Mjolnir to confirm that it is indeed really the hammer of the thunder god, when Enrakt appears. In Asgard, Magnir and Brona invade Odin's bedroom, and catching him unaware, attack. O'Neil comes back to Jake's room to see if Jane has left, and the guard tells him that she and Doctor Kincaid just left. O'Neil orders a fleeing Jane and Jake to halt, and open fires.

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