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Quote1.png Let no one suspect the truth. Let no one suspect that 'tis not Odin who doth take the measure of events -- but rather, Loki the Trickster! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Revenge of the Enchanters"

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Synopsis for "Revenge of the Enchanters"

In Asgard, Heimdall sounds the alert that his senses tell him that Odin is under attack. Balder and Sif rush in only to find that all appears okay, and Odin is in his bedchambers unharmed. On Earth, Jake and Jane are running, and Jane convinces Jake to keep going. Jake manages to avoid the police, and makes his way to the alley, where Mjolnir is. When he gets there, Enrakt has taken down the Warriors Three. To keep them occupied, he mutates several nearby humans into demonic monsters to battle them. Enrakt is distracted enough, allowing Jake to get close and grab Mjolnir, changing back to Thor. Enrakt, grabs Thor and lifts him and a huge chunk of ground into the air. Enrakt then hurls Thor away from him and holds him in place in the middle of the air. Thor tries to fight back by firing a blast of anti-force, but no to avail. Enrakt then goes on to tell Thor that after Odin's defeat of Magnir, Brona, and the death of Forsung, he sought out his brothers in the Lost Limbo of Infinity Unending. He finally managed to find them, but had to go through a different realm to escape. Once they reached that other realm, he noticed that the realm was home to a sorceress known as Ceranda,[1] who was host to a unique visitor - Thor himself. It was then that Enrakt gained access to Mjolnir. Enrakt shows Thor his brothers attacking Odin, then hurls Thor down to the ground far below, and flies to aid his brothers in the death of Odin. In Asgard, Odin looks upon the Warriors Three finally subdueing the transformed humans, and dismisses Tarakis rather abruptly. After he leaves, he reveals that he is in fact Loki.

Solicit Synopsis

  • Thor and the Warriors Three battle to reclaim Mjolnir from Enrakt, the new Enchanter! Plus: Jake Olson and Jane Foster, on the run from the law!

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