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Quote1.png Sumthin's makin' me that way... Sumthin's drawin' me somewhere -- an' I'll march through any thing or any man ta get there! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Eighth Day, Part 1"

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Synopsis for "The Eighth Day, Part 1"

In New York, Stephan is proposing to his girlfriend Courtney, when Thor comes crashing into the ground right next to them. Enrakt hovers over the fallen Thor, commanding him to kneel before him. Thor hurls Mjolnir at him, but Enrakt catches it in his hand, fills it with energy, and hurls it back at Thor. Enrakt then goes to fight beside his brothers. As Thor prepares to follow him to Asgard, he notices carnage of another sort taking place below, and spies the Juggernaut on a rampage. He sees some innocent people in his path, and ignoring Enrakt, flies to try and stop the Juggernaut. But Juggernaut is stronger than before, and something is calling to him, forcing him to follow to a location he doesn't even know. The Juggernaut pounds Thor into the ground, and storms off. In Asgard, Loki looks on as Juggernaut is pounding on Thor, and looks into his history. He then learns about the other Exemplars of Krakken and Ikonn. Thor catches up to the Juggernaut and begins attacking him again, when Bedlam and Conquest arrive and separate them. Bedlam mindblasts Thor away, and they vanish with Juggernaut.

Solicit Synopsis

  • What could prevent THOR from aiding ODIN against the assault of the ENCHANTERS? Only the JUGGERNAUT - who's on a rampage through Manhattan! But what power can stem the tide once the unstoppable force and the God of Thunder go toe-to-toe?!

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