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Quote1.png 'Tis here I stand! 'Tis here I fight! And should destiny decree so -- Tis here I shall perish! Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Deadly Living Talismans!"

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Synopsis for "The Deadly Living Talismans!"

The Warriors Three, Hannah, Demitrius, and Brady are all trying to fight off the human-turned-demons, when Brady has his throat slashed open by one of them. Thor arrives just in time, and using energy from Mjolnir, transforms them all back to humans. While they are distracted by tending to Brady, Thor transforms back to Jake and stabilizes O'Neil until he can get to a hospital. Jake then runs off, transforms back to Thor, and flies to Avengers Mansion. There, he enlists the help of the Scarlet Witch in tracking down the location of the Enchanters. Using Mjolnir, he transports there in time to aid Odin. In Asgard, Loki recalls visiting Odin while he had been held prisoner by the Dark Gods, and Odin cursing him for not freeing them at the time. Loki realizes that he will need an ally, and summons Mephisto. In Ringsfjord, Thor begins attacking the Enchanters, barely driving them back, until they call upon the land itself to rise up as a monstrous beast, and swallow Thor and Odin whole.

Solicit Synopsis

  • THOR rushes to aid ODIN in his battle against ENRAKT and the Enchanters! Meanwhile, the second ODIN makes a pact with MEPHISTO that will have dire consequences for THOR's future! Wait a minute - second ODIN?!

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