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Quote1.png Turn, oh mortal soul, that I might at last see the visage -- of the true Jake Olson! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Deviant Life"

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Synopsis for "Deviant Life"

In Ringsfjord, the Enchanters look on as their summoned beast devours Thor and Odin. Inside it's stomach, acidic bile and enormous leeches devour at them, both Mjolnir and Thrudstok prove incapable of piercing the beasts hide. The Scarlet Witch arrives, and casts a spell around them to protect them, her chaos magic seemingly immune to that of the Enchanters. While protected, they begin to come up with a plan.

In Mephisto's Realm, Loki has arrived and asks to see one of his "guests", the spirit of Jake Olson, whom he takes from that hellish place for purposes of his own. Back in Ringsfjord, Thor, Odin, and the Scarlet Witch break out of the beasts hide, and Wanda immediately casts a spell seperating them all, so that they can fight one-on-one. Magnir battles the Scarlet Witch, and begins pounding on her. Odin faces off against Brona, with Odin easily taking care of him. Thor faces Enrakt, and Enrakt calls Mjolnir to him, pulling it right out of Thor's hand. The Scarlet Witch casts a hex, causing Magnir to be swallowed up and entombed in the ground at their feet. Enrakt prepares to fire a bolt of anti-force at Thor, to kill him with his own weapon, when Mjolnir causes a backlash, striking at Enrakt instead. An enraged Thor begins demolishing Enrakt, punching him through a hillside, and smashing him in the face with Mjolnir. As he is about to deliver the killing blow, Odin and Wanda tell him to stop. Stunned he asks why, and they tell him to remove Enrakt's mask, revealing Ceranda.

Back on Earth, Demitrius and Jane are checking in on Brady, and begin to wonder if they weren't wrong about Jake. After they leave, Jake Olson sneaks in and begins to smother Brady with a pillow.

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