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Quote1.png The cosmic balance must be restored. For Thor to exist on Earth, so too must Jake Olson. Two lives to be carried on by one man. Or god, as the case may be. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Deal with the Devil"

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Synopsis for "Deal with the Devil"

After seeing their friend fall, the Avengers gather to attack the Destroyer anew. While Captain America, Hawkeye, and Iron Man tackle the Destroyer, the Scarlet Witch is over by Thor's body, casing one of her hexes on him, until the Destroyer blows both of them into the water.

In Hel, Thor awakens to see Volla and Hela, claiming that he is now hers. She tells him that she has waited a long time for this moment, until she is interrupted by the arrival of Marnot, who tells them that he fixes things. Thor believes that he is talking about him, but he's not. He's referring to Jake Olson, who died while saving a woman, someone who died while Thor didn't even notice. Back on Earth, Demitrius goes to Hannah's apartment, and tells her about Jake's death, devastating her. Thor is ashamed that he didn't notice Jake's heroism.

Marnot tells him that he can revive Thor, but balance must be achieved. Hela is enraged that he would dare try to steal Thor from her, but Marnot grabs her by the throat, revealing his power to stop even her. Back on Earth, the Destroyer has mangled some wreckage into a throne, and wears trophies from the four Avengers, while they lie bound at his feet. When he sees Mjolnir, he tries to pick it up, but is unable to. Suddenly lashing out from below, Thor rises up and grabs Mjolnir, and begins hammering the Destroyer relentlessly. Whirling Mjolnir faster and faster, Thor creates a vortex, transporting the Destroyer to a far distant barren planet, to remain there forever.[1]

Having beaten the Destroyer and freeing the Avengers, Thor feels an irresistible call, and flies off. He arrives at a converted loft in Soho, and slamming his hammer on the ground, changes. Outside, Hannah goes to check into Jake's apartment to gather a few things, and on opening the door, is startled to see Jake, fresh out of the shower, asking who she is.

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  1. Or until issue Vol 1 12
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