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Quote1.png 'Tis unthinkable... that in this... mayhap his greatest challenge ever -- the god of thunder shall taste defeat! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Tears of the Gods"

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Synopsis for "Tears of the Gods"

Orikal reveals the future to Odin and Ulik, a future in which Thanos is victorious at finding the Designate, and gaining the power of ultimate death. Coming up with a desperate plan, Odin sends Balder on a mission.

On the planet M'Hass, Thor and the Rigellian Recorder arrive to find the natives under attack by Thanos and Mangog, who are after the Illumination Stone, so that they can identify the Designate. Thor attacks Mangog and hammers him away, then turns his attention to Thanos. Thor summons ever erg of power he has, and fires a bolt of anti-force at Thanos, sending him careeing away. Thor picks up the Illumination Stone, but is attacked anew by Mangog, who tries to bite Thor in half. Thanos returns, and retrieving the Illumination Stone, tells Mangog to drop Thor as they still have work to do, and they teleport away.

In Svartalfheim, Balder goes to find the home of Jagrfelm. In the forest, Balder is captured by the trees apparently coming to life. It is then that Jagrfelm reveals himself.

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