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Quote1.png Thanos (Higher-Powered Thanosi), who seeks control of the final death, has very nearly found it -- thanks to his acquisition of the Illumination Stone. Quote2.png
Millennium Monarch

Appearing in "Beyond Reason's Edge"

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Synopsis for "Beyond Reason's Edge"

Firelord races through the cosmos, and finally catches up to Thor on the planet of the Millennium Monarch. He watches as Thor defeats the Guardian, and the Monarch reveals herself, and tells Thor the history of the Designate, as well as the mystic items needed to locate her. In the Kingdom of the Trolls, Odin and Orikal discuss events as they transpire, and of placing all their hopes of Balder finding Jagrfelm. In Svartalfheim, Balder is at the mercy of Jagrfelm, but manages to convince him to assist Odin and Asgard. On another unnamed planet, Thanos and Mangog are terrorizing the populace and causing mass destruction, until they finally locate the Designate. Thor, Firelord, and the Recorder arrive too late.

Solicit Synopsis

• The mad Titan Thanos is storming his way across the galaxy - but what planet is he targeting? What secrets does the planet hold? And why can't Thor stop him? Plus: The fiery former Herald of Galactus known as Firelord blazes onto the scene - but does he come as friend of foe?!

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