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Quote1.png If Crusher Creel can't walk outta here with a doctor -- then the Absorbing Man will! Quote2.png
Absorbing Man

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Synopsis for "Home"

Thor and the Recorder return to Asgard just in time. With all that has happened, Odin prepares to enter the Odinsleep to replenish his energies. In his stead, he has appointed Sif to rule and has given her the Ring Imperial. While on Earth, Creel is worried about Skeeter. She's getting worse and is now coughing up blood. Tired of waiting, Creel heads to the nearest hospital to find a doctor. Thor returns to Earth and goes to the hospital to ask for his old job back. Initially, Mr. Ryan refuses, but Demitrius arrives and asks Mr. Ryan as well. Persuaded, Mr. Ryan relents and Jake meets his new partner, Christine Collins, Demitrius' sister. Creel arrives at the same hospital and tells Hannah that he needs a doctor. She tells him that they don't make house calls, but to bring her in and they'll take good care of her. That's not good enough, so the Absorbing Man grabs Jane, and starts to head out. Keith tries to leap to her defense, but Creel smashes him in the face with his wrecking ball. On his way out, he knocks Jake unconscious as well, and steals off with Jane Foster over his shoulder.

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