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Quote1.png Mary's about the only good thing I got goin' for me. And I ain't about ta let it end like this. Quote2.png
Absorbing Man

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Synopsis for "The Forsaken"

The Absorbing Man fights his way clear of the police, and heads into the sewers to avoid anyone else. Jake Olson comes to, and after transforming into Thor, heads down into the sewers to follow them, but loses the trail in the labyrinth-like tunnels. Creel comes home to Mary, and Jane tells him there's not a lot she can do without proper medical facilities. He tells her that if Mary dies, she dies. Thor heads to Avengers Mansion to enlist the aid of Iron Man, who rigs up a device to track Jane's pager, giving Thor a homing beacon to her. Creel heads out to get some supplies, but Thor finds him and they begin to battle in earnest. Unfortunately, their combat demolishes the building that Jane and Mary are in. Mary manages to hold up a chunk of debris long enough to save them, and Thor implores Creel to stop. Jane tells him that there's no choice, she has to go to a hospital to get proper treatment, or she will die. Creel tells Thor that there is no choice at all, and has him fly her to the hospital.

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