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Quote1.png Right now, there're four of them Asgardians waltzin' through New York like they ain't got a care! I say we hit 'em and hit 'em hard! By the end o' the day, we're gonna be gods an' they're gonna be wormfood! Quote2.png
The Wrecker

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Synopsis for "Wrecking Havoc"

Thor and the Warriors Three are enjoying some refreshments in a soda shop. The owner tells him that it's good to see him again,[1] and that he's drinking the "Asgard Special" that he added to the menu after his first time there. Hogun then pays him in gold, and they take in the sights of Times Square, where Thor is offered to have his helmet polished, and Volstagg ransacks a hot dog cart. But unknown to them, The Wrecker was in the shop as well, and leaves to go find the rest of his Crew. Wrecker tells them that they used to be far more powerful, and they can be so again. All they have to do is take down the Asgardians and drain them of their power. In Svartalfheim, Jagrfelm relishes in the fact that he is now in possession of an empowered Cask of Ancient Winters. While in Asgard, Sif sits on the throne and listens to the warnings of Giraboor the Humble, telling her that there is impending danger, enough to threaten all the Nine Worlds. Back on Earth, Thor and the Warriors Three are ambushed by the Wrecking Crew in Central Park, and the Crew manage to battle them long enough to drain off energy from the Asgardians, and Thunderball manages to drain off enough energy from Hogun to leave him at the verge of death.

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