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Quote1.png Sad, pathetic wretch. Thy reach far exceeded thy grasp. The Cask of Ancient Winters and all the power it conveys -- unknowingly augmented by Odin himself -- belongs not with one so woeful as thee -- but with me. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Whence Comes Death"

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Synopsis for "Whence Comes Death"

In Hel, Volla alerts Hela that one she desires might soon enter her realm. She shows Hela that Hogun lies at death's edge. Hela goes to Midgard to claim him, but Thor holds her off. Summoning a pair of lightning strikes, he strikes them at Hogun to act as a defibrillator unit to start his heart again. It manages to work, but his life hangs by the thinnest threads. Christine arrives in an ambulance, and Thor tells her that she needs to get him to the hospital quickly, and Volstagg and Fandral ride with her, while he goes to tend to the Wrecking Crew. On the trip there, Christine realizes something. How did Thor know her name? In Svartalfheim, Jagrfelm is overjoyed by the possession of the Cask of Ancient Winters. But his happiness does not last long. The Dark Elves crash through his home and run him through. He dies never knowing that the Cask has been reclaimed by Malekith. Back on Earth, they rush in with the critical Hogun straight to Jane Foster, who preps him. In Asgard, Sif is sitting by the sleeping Odin's side, wondering why he chose her over any of the others. Balder arrives to tell her that Hogun lies near death. They go to the Flame of Truth to see, and she summons Neffethesk. Thor locates the Wrecking Crew, who have taken over a mansion and are having the maid and butler wait on them. Thor secretly pulls them out of harms way, and then confronts them, sending a lightning strike into the pool where they are lounging, and directly striking Thunderball. They notice that they've never seen Thor so angry before, as he begins to rip through them like a Category 5 hurricane. Before he finishes them off, a vision of Sif appears in the pool, telling him that Neffethesk labors to prepare a cure for Hogun, and Thor races to Asgard to be there when it's ready.

Solicit Synopsis

The Thunder God declares war on the Wrecking Crew as an ally slips deeper into the everlasting embrace of Hela, Goddess of Death. Meanwhile, in Asgard, the item Jagrfelm received from Odin leads to the return of another foe of the Realm Eternal.

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