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Quote1.png Happy? How can I be happy? With Jake dead I had the perfect patsy to pin this evil business on. Now, I'll have to be more careful than ever. Quote2.png
Demitrius Collins

Appearing in "God and Man"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Sedna (First appearance)
  • Unnamed sea monster

Other Characters:

  • Bullwinkle (First and only known appearance; dies)
  • Chip (First and only known appearance; dies)

Races and Species:




  • Unnamed submarine
  • Asgardian dragon ship[1]

Synopsis for "God and Man"

Hannah is happy to see Jake alive and well, but unfortunately, it's not really Jake, it's Thor in Jake's body. And he has no knowledge of who she is. He manages to bluff his way through the meeting, learning her name, and agreeing to pick up Amanda after school.

Deep in the ocean, a submarine expedition discovers an ancient Viking dragonship, that's still completely intact. They radio up to the surface to report their find, only they are crushed by a gigantic squid-looking sea monster controlled by Sedna, the sea goddess.

Back on the surface, Hannah is pleased to tell Demitrius that Jake is really alive and well. He's completely shocked to hear that he's alive, but after she leaves, he's extremely upset because he had plans to pin something on his formerly dead best friend.

Jake is planning on changing to Thor and leaving behind Jake's life forever, since he has no way to live it out without any of his knowledge or memories. Marnot arrives and tells him that it's inadvisable, and to stop talking out loud as he's the only one who can see and hear him, and people will think he's crazy. He demands to know where Mjolnir is and where Thor's body is. Marnot tells him that he knows all he needs to know and vanishes.

Just then, Sedna arrives and demands to know where the god she senses is, using giant waves of water to crash into buildings and demolish property. Jake is furious that no matter how hard he concentrates, he can't change into Thor, and in anger he smashes his fist on the ground. And like before with the cane of Don Blake, he changes into Thor, with Mjolnir forming in his hand.

Thor flies to confront Sedna, and their battle leads out to the water. While they're fighting, Amanda is sitting alone at school, waiting for Jake to pick her up. Sedna summons another gigantic sea monster, that swallows Mjolnir, while Sedna wraps Thor up in her tenticles, and drags him underwater. He feels a strange weakness begin to overcome him, as he's wondering why his hammer has not returned to him.

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