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Quote1.png Harm a friend and comrade of mine, and suffer the consequences! So swears Beta Ray Bill! Quote2.png
Beta Ray Bill

Appearing in "Winter's Edge"

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  • Thor's Chariot

Synopsis for "Winter's Edge"

Malekith is in Svartalfheim, relishing having the Cask of Ancient Winters once more within his grasp. Using its power, he calls forth Pentigaar, to go to Midgard and kill Thor. In Asgard, Sif asks Neffethesk when Odin might wake from the Odinsleep, but he does not know. Between the battles and the poisoning, Odin has a lot to replenish. In outer space, Thor and some other Avengers are relaxing after dealing with the Infinites.[1] Thor though is still concerned for Hogun, and goes to leave when Galactic Patrol agents attack them and try to "deport" Thor and the others back to Earth. Thor summons a hurricane force wind, and blows them all away easily. Balder, using Thor's chariot, rides towards Midgard to deliver Neffethesk's remedy for Hogun, but is attacked by Pentigaar. Balder and the icy demon battle, until a mysterious egg is cracked open, and Beta Ray Bill steps forth. Balder and Bill defeat Pentigaar, sending him back to where he came from. Bill tells Balder that he doesn't know how he got his Asgardian powers back, or why he was attacked and sent to Earth, but he's back now. Balder arrives just in time to the hospital, and Hogun is saved from Hela's grasp. But in Asgard, Sif notices an extreme cold in the throne room.

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