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Quote1.png BAH! My final answer would be, "Passeth me the million dollars now 'ere I separate they babbling head from thy shoulders, Regis!" Quote2.png
Hogun watching "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire"

Appearing in "Winter's Eternal Moon"

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Other Characters:

  • Charlene and Red (Couple in New York that want Thor's autograph)

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Synopsis for "Winter's Eternal Moon"

Thor returns to Earth, with the expectation that Hogun has died in his absence. But Jane tells him that Hogun is fine and was discharged the day before. Mr. Ryan comes in, angry that Jake has missed so much work, but Thor tells him that Jake had been co-opted by the Avengers to assist them during the recent overrun by the alien horde. While he's distracted, he changes to Jake, and Jane tells him that he should head home as there's someone waiting for him. We also see that Hannah seems upset that Jane and Jake seem so close. Jake heads home to Soho, and notices that it's snowing outside, and it's gotten colder as well. When he gets home, Bill and the Warriors Three are there watching TV, and they are all happy to see each other. Jake changes back to Thor, and they all head back to Asgard. They arrive on Bifrost, only to see the whole of Asgard covered in ice. Inside, Balder is overcome my the Wild Hunt, as Pentigaar and Malekith make their way into Odin's bedchambers. Inside, Sif at the Crimson Hawks make their stand, but to no avail. Malekith is about to suffocate Odin with a pillow, when Thor and the others arrive. They manage to battle them off, but Malekith cracks open the Cask of Ancient Winters, blowing Thor out a window to the frozen ground below, where he sees Asgardians encased in ice. It dawns on him what Malekith was holding, when Thor is struck from behind by Kurse - Malekith's newest ally.

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