Quote1 Thou were once an enemy of Malekith, Kurse! Mayhap a fierce thrashing will sever the treacherous elf's sorcerous control of thee! Quote2
-- Thor

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  • Jake Olson's apartment



Synopsis for "Forever Kursed"

Malekith has encased all of Asgard in ice, and Kurse is now his servant. Thor manages to free himself from Kurse, while Sif engages Malekith himself. Thor goes to find the Gem of Infinite Suns, which has the power to free them all, and has Sif lead Malekith away. In Odin's bedchamber, Thor opens Odin's treasures and retrieves the gem. Using its power, Thor destroys Pentigaar, and then frees Asgard from its icy tomb. Thor then slams the gem into the face of Kurse, freeing him from Malekith's spell, and uses its power to close the Cask of Ancient Winters. Thor takes the gem and wraps it around the cask, then sends them both away to an unknown dimension. Before Thor is about to smite Malekith, Sif intervenes and claims that right for stealing a kiss from her. Thor and Bill then return to Jake Olson's apartment in Soho, and just after changing into Jake, they are greeted by Jake's mother.


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