Quote1 But I wish for a more appropriate name! Hammer Girl, mayhap! Or Thorita! What say you to Hammerette? Is that not appropriate for a fellow warrior? Quote2
-- Thor Girl

Appearing in "The Million Dollar Debut of Thor Girl!"

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Synopsis for "The Million Dollar Debut of Thor Girl!"

In New York, a bum in an alley is awakened by questions from a blonde girl, dressed like Thor, and she's looking for him. In the future, an enormous robot called Nullitor is bearing down on Thor. Thor goes to fight back, and an energy ball is unleashed by Nullitor, encasing Mjolnir. Thor tries to free his hammer, but it disintegrates in his hand, turning to ash. Nullitor then begins to beat on Thor, knocking his head off, revealing him to be another robot. Two unseen figures discuss their plans for Nullitor, and prepare to send it back into the past immediately to destroy the real Thor. Back in the present day New York, Jake Olson and Beta Ray Bill revive Jake's mom, and Jake explains that he met Bill while he was working with the Avengers and they became friends. Elsewhere, the bum from earlier is awakened again, this time by Nullitor, who kills him when he does not answer. Jake and Christine are on a choking call at a resteraunt, and once they are outside, Christine displays an extreme interest in getting to know Jake better, before they are interrupted by a cop calling into his radio to call the Avengers. They run around the corner and see Nullitor tearing up the street. Jake tells Christine to evacuate the restaurant, while he does what he can there. After she leaves, he changes to Thor and attacks. Nullitor encases Mjolnir in an energy sphere again, but it does not have the same effect, because it is interrupted by another hammer smashing the sphere. That other hammer returns to the hand of Thor Girl. Thor immediately recognizes her as Tarene, the Designate he saved from Thanos. She tells him that she wants to help him, and together, they destroy Nullitor. Back in the future, Zarrko and Gladiator watch as Nullitor is destroyed, and come to the conclusion that Gladiator will have to travel into the past himself to kill Thor.

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