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Quote1.png Because the death and havoc you'll wreak in the future -- must never come to pass! And if I have to sacrifice my life to make sure it doesn't happen -- it's a price I'll gladly pay! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Man of Tomorrow"

At Avengers Mansion, Jarvis answers the door and finds a reporter named Cal Kramer asking to see Thor for an interview. Jarvis tells him that Thor isn't there, so the man leaves. On a nearby rooftop, Thor and Tarene face off, with her wanting to be tested. She blasts him full on, and he's surprised at her power. She hurls her hammer, and knocks him through a building into the next one. She tells him that she knows he's Jake Olson, and she wants to stay with him. He changes into Jake, and she transforms herself into a form resembling a normal teenage girl, and they leave, watched by the reporter floating above them. In the Kingdom of the Trolls, the Rock Trolls are starving, and Ulik decides to go to war with Asgard to rectify the situation. Jake and Tarene go the Memorial Hospital, and Jake asks if Tarene can stay with Hannah and her daughter Amanda. But Amanda is still upset about the whole situation between Jake and her mom, and when Christine comes in and tells Jake she misses him and then kisses him in front of everyone, Amanda storms off, running outside. Jake runs out after her. Down the street, she turns into an alley and bumps into Cal Kramer. Jake turns the corner and tells him to put her down, but he lowers his glasses and blasts him with heat beams from his eyes. He then drops Amanda and tells her to run, that she's no longer of use to him. He then drops his cloaking field, and reveals himself to be Gladiator. Jake changes into Thor, and begins to battle Gladiator, confused as to why he is attacking him. During the battle, Thor drops Mjolnir, and Gladiator manages to knock it away,[1] where it lands at the airport. Gladiator blasts Thor again, sending him flying away to crash into the back of a truck. A truck that Amanda happened to be running by in her flight. She sees someone crash into it that looks familiar, and when she opens the back of the truck, she sees Jake Olson, burning.


  • Amanda's full name is revealed as Amanda Meredith Fairmont

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  1. He never picked it up, he managed to alter its trajectory while it was falling. So calm down.
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