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Quote1.png Thou has knowledge...of...The Reigning? 'Tis not to be spoken of -- or e'en thought of! not thy place! This is not thy time! BEGONE! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Across All Worlds"

On Earth, in the future, two of Zarrko's men find a component he had sent them for. When they enter his chambers, he is watching the battle between Gladiator and Thor. On Earth, Amanda opens the truck and finds Jake Olson on fire, she uses some linens she finds to put out the flames, but Gladiator rips open the back of the truck. But before he can do anything, Thor Girl grabs his cape and flings him back outside. Thor and Tarene battle, while Christine shows up, answering Amanda's 911 call. Christine tells Amanda to go home, that she'll take care of Jake. Christine takes Jake's hand, and making a fist, tries to get him to assume his guise of Thor, but Mjolnir was gone when he changed form, so she has to find it first. In Asgard, the Rock Trolls attack, and while Balder leads the counter-attack, Sif goes to Earth to find Thor. Back on Earth, Gladiator dumps over a water tower on Tarene, and then freezes it, encasing her in a block of ice. Christine senses Mjolnir landed at LaGuardia Airport, and busts through the gates to get to it before Gladiator finds them. She wraps Jake's hand around Mjolnir, just as Gladiator comes crashing down on top of him. Jake is replaced by Thor, who then begins to pound on Gladiator. Their battle though, has endangered a plane that is coming in for a landing. Back at Memorial Hospital, Jake's mother has come looking for him, and both Hannah and Jane are surprised to meet her. Just then, Jane gets a call to report to her husbands room stat. Just then, Amanda runs into the emergency room, yelling that Jake has been badly burned. In Hel, Hela and Volla visit a corner of her relam that she rarely ever goes to, and speaking to one of her subjects, sends him to Earth, telling him that a vessel has been prepared for him. Just then, Jane enters Keith's room, to find him awake, and telling her that he's just fine. Elsewhere, Sif has arrived on Earth, and finding Tarene encased in ice, breaks her free. Enraged, she flies off to find Gladiator. At LaGuardia, Thor and Gladiator call a temporary truce in order to save the plane. They manage to bring it down safely, saving everyone onboard. After making sure it's okay, Thor lets loose on Gladiator, enraged that he keeps making accusations of some future nightmare that he is responsible for, without showing any proof. Tarene arrives just then, and blasts Gladiator with everything she's got, laying him out. In Asgard, Ulik is about to kill Odin while he sleeps, but Odin wakes up in time to save himself, and send Ulik and all the Rock Trolls fleeing. Odin then arrives on Earth, letting them know that he is awake, and was not very happy to open his eyes to find Ulik above him. Gladiator speaks to Odin, telling him that he knows what's coming, and that he has to kill Thor while there is still time. Odin is shocked to find out that Gladiator has knowledge of the Reigning, and sends him back to his own time. Thor asks what this Reigning is that he kept speaking of, and Odin tells him that above all others, he is not to know. Enraged to find that Thor was on Earth, while Asgard was being attacked by Trolls, Odin strips him of his immortal self, reverting him back to Jake Olson, burns and all. In the future, Gladiator returns, and tells Zarrko that he failed to prevent the nightmare that the world has become

The Reigning future

. In Christine Collins' apartment, she's in an enormous hurry, with no time to waste. She bursts in, and finds the Mirror of Mysolljh, and steps through it, revealing her true self - Amora the Enchantress!

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