Quote1 Would that I could answer Thor -- or stop fighting him! But...I cannot! The power of this armor's destructive force cannot be denied! Quote2
-- Tarene

Appearing in "Valor's Cauldron"

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  • Sven (Fisherman)




Synopsis for "Valor's Cauldron"

In Norway, Sven has converted several hundred people to his cause, and an enormous bonfire burns in the middle of town. Sven then steps into the fire saying that they await his arrival. In Asgard, Odin and Cyra discover that the Watcher has appeared among them, alerting them that they are at a crossroads of the future. If Thor defeats the Tarene-animated Destroyer, the future Reigning will come to pass and mankind will not evolve like it should. Inside the Destroyer armor, Tarene tries to fight the armor's destructive impulses, but to no avail, while Loki and Karnilla watch. Thor and the Destroyer continue to battle, and the Destroyer grabs Mjolnir away from Thor, and begins to beat the thunder god with it. Among the debris of battle, Keith finds Jane and tells her to run and get help. After she leaves, Marnot sees Keith and tells him that he knows who he really is. Marnot tells him that he might wear a mortal form, but it's not mortal life inside, and Keith then grabs Marnot and kills him. Thor and the Destroyer continue their battle, but without Mjolnir, Thor is helpless before the Destroyer. Back in Norway, Sven steps back out of the fire, transformed into a fire demon, and tells the others that their master, Surtur, has arrived.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]
  • Loki, The Destroyer armor, and Karnilla all previously appeared last issue and will all appear next issue.
  • Surtur previously appeared in Thor 473. He will appear again next issue.

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