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Quote1.png Tremble, mortals! Bend thy knees in worship and fear! For Surtur walks thy plane once more! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Cometh the Storm"

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Synopsis for "Cometh the Storm"

In Norway, Elsa and Deitrich come home to visit her parents, only to find the village in ruins, and everyone gone. In Asgard, Odin debates on whether he should help Thor or not. If Thor dies, Tarene is saved and goes on to become the Designate, who will usher in a golden age for the entire universe. But if Thor lives, a strange future where Thor rules with an iron fist comes to pass. Back on Earth, the Destroyer continues on its rampage, while Thor changes back into Jake Olson. Odin decides that he must save Thor, and deal with the future as he can. Amora goes to help her beloved Thor, and senses Tarene animating the Destroyer, and sets off in search of her body. She finds it, and taking Tarene's hammer, goes to give it to Jake. But since its not Mjolnir, nothing happens. Odin then arrives, and changes Jake back into Thor. Thor steps forth wielding Tarene's hammer, and batters down the Destroyer long enough for him to grab Mjolnir from it. Thor then doubles his assault on the Destroyer, and Odin casts Tarene's life force out and back into her own body, where she is ready to wreak vengeance on Loki and Karnilla. Back in Asgard, the Watcher notes that the future and the coming tragedy is now unavoidable, while in Norway, the entire village has been converted to Fire Demons, and from a great pit, Surtur rises.


  • there is no such name as Deitrich; it should read Dietrich!
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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  1. Thor: Death of Odin TPB #1
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