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Quote1.png While the God of Thunder heals here in the realm eternal, his mortal self may return to Midgard! Be warned...they are two now. Olson is without power -- incapable of becoming Thor should the need arise! Nor can Thor become Olson! Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Ignition"

Jake is being examined by Jane for his injuries. He's recovered from his burns but he still has a fractured arm and jaw. She has him change into Thor so she can examine him as well, and the injuries are still the same. Outside the exam room, Mr Ryan, Hannah, Amanda, Keith, and Christine are all waiting word on how he is. Keith insists on going in until Tarene shows up and tells him that he shouldn't go in. Jake's mother doesn't know who Jake's "cousin" Tarene is, which Amanda finds suspicious. Keith opens the door, and Tarene's powers create the illusion that it's just Jake inside and not Thor. Jane tells Thor that the best place for him to be examined is back in Asgard, and so he transports them there. In Norway, Surtur is on a rampage, and his human-turned-fire demon slaves continue converting others. In Asgard, Balder and Odin discuss the Destroyer, with Odin contemplating on whether he should just finally destroy it, but Balder tells him that they will one day need it. Jane and Thor arrive, and Odin calls in his healers Cyra and Neffethesk. Cyra goes to prepare the casts, but Neffethesk tells her to wait, that his injuries would heal quicker if he will agree to be immersed in the Elixirs of Renewal. Odin agrees to enchant the Elixirs of Thor will agree to the treatment. Thor is concerned about Jake Olson, people back on Earth are getting suspicious and Mr Ryan is about to fire him again. Odin uses his power to separate Thor from Jake so that Thor can be healed and Jake can tend to personal matters. When Jane and Jake return to Earth, he goes out to reassure everyone that he's okay. When his mom asks about Tarene, Jake tells her that he's cousin Eddie's little girl and she hasn't seen her since she was a baby. Back in Asgard, Thor prepares to bathe in the Elixirs of Renewal, before he goes under, he warns Balder that he saw the Enchantress and to be wary. As soon as he is immersed and under the spell, Fandral bursts into the room, and warns them that Surtur is loose on Earth. Odin sends his warriors to Earth to battle Surtur and his Fire Demons, and summons Hercules, Kurse, and Beta Ray Bill to fight by their side in the absence of Thor. Using so much of his power so quickly to give life to Jake, empower the Elixirs, and dispatch entire armies to Midgard has weakened Odin and he is unable to help futher.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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  1. Thor: Death of Odin TPB #1
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