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Appearing in "From the Ashes"

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  • Unnamed sea monster




Synopsis for "From the Ashes"

In the ruins of Asgard, Perrikus calls on Adva to join him, and they begin the claiming of the once golden city.

Back under the sea, Thor has changed back to Jake Olson without Mjolnir, and as he faces death by drowning, he is saved by Namor. He frees Jake, and faces off against Sedna, but is surprised by her sea monster. Back on the surface that Jake has just made it to, Hannah calls Demitrius and asks him to pick up Amanda since no one can find Jake. Demitrius puts her on hold for a second, while conducting what appears to be a drug deal. After getting back to her, he tells her he'd be happy to pick her up.

Jake, confused as to why Mjolnir still hasn't returned to him, calls it with all his might, demanding that it return to his master. It shatters its way out of the sea creature, and returns to Jake's waiting hand. As Thor once more, he goes to help Namor, and hurls the sea beast far out to sea. Sedna flies up to him, and begins to hypnotize him with her siren song, but he is saves by Namor who knows of her tricks. Sedna, defeated, escapes back to the colder seas, since she is so weakened by the warmer waters. Thor and Namor part as friends, and Thor returns back to Jake's apartment. There, he is confronted by a concerned Hannah, who is upset by his changed mannerisms.

In Asgard, Perrikus and Adva meet with Majeston Zelia, who demands that Asgard be ready for her arrival. And rubs the fact of her new rule on her prized prisoner - Odin, bound and chained to a gigantic weight.

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