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Quote1 Thy final moment is at hand, Surtur! In times past, I did suffer thee to live, settling for thine imprisonment! 'TIS NOT A MISTAKE I SHALL REPEAT! Quote2

Appearing in "By Fire Born"

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  • Thor's Chariot

Synopsis for "By Fire Born"

Hercules, Kurse, Beta Ray Bill and the Asgardians continue to fight against Surtur's Fire Demons in Oslo, while in Asgard Odin is contemplating removing Thor from the Elixirs before he's ready. In New York City, Jane steps out of the shower to find Keith missing, and Jake is ready to end his shift when he overhears on a radio of Surtur's attack in Norway. He rushes to find Tarene to tell her to go help them since he no longer can. Tarene rushes to Asgard and uses her power to finish the healing of Thor so that he can go assist in defeating Surtur. While she finishes that, Odin goes to Midgard to rally his army. Back in New York, Amora steps through the Mirror while behind her back Keith watches her. He reveals himself to her, and begins to step through, and Amora is shocked at who he changes into. In Oslo, Thor Girl summons her power, and channels it into Thor, but it's not enough. Odin rides forth, and taking Tarene's power into him, he combines it with his own and goes on a suicide run against Surtur, killing them both.

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