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Quote1.png With thy countenance, I'll serve thee all with pride and honor -- as monarch! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Taking Charge part 2"

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Synopsis for "Taking Charge part 2"

Balder, Sif and Volstagg find Thor in a tavern, trying to drink away his pain. They tell him that he is the one to take the throne, and that Odin was supposed to marry off Volstagg's daughter today. Thor tells them that he is unfit, and believes that Odin is lost is some other realm waiting for Thor to find him. Back on Earth, Mr Ryan is riding along with Christine and Jake to find out why Jake keeps disappearing all the time. They respond to a fire call, and one of the firemen is trapped inside. Jake goes in to try and help him, but becomes trapped and can't change into Thor anymore. In the Kingdom of the Trolls, there is a feud going on between two Rock Trolls, when Thor intervenes, demanding to speak to Geirrodur. Ulik stands in his way, and when he begins to speak ill of Odin, Thor demolishes him with ease. The other Trolls notice how quickly Thor defeated him, noting the he's more powerful than ever before. Geirrodur arrives, and Thor tells him he wants to speak to Orikal. Geirrodur grants his request since he has lost his father, and Thor asks Orikal if there is any trace of his father anywhere. Orikal scans all plains of existence and finds no trace of Odin. Thor leaves with a warning from Orikal, to return to Earth quickly since a mortal close to him is close to death. After he leaves, Geirrodur asks Orikal about the future since Odin's death, and Orikal says that it will be worse than they can possibly believe. Thor returns to Earth in time to save Jake, and tells Christine to take care of the injured fireman, and that he will see to Jake. Thor flies him to a nearby rooftop, where Jake is fine, and they talk. They both find it strange, and yet enjoyable, almost like having a brother. Thor tells Jake that he is unfit for the throne, and Jake tells him that he wasn't testing him so much as preparing him, and that he passed every test Odin put him to. He is more fit than anyone else to take the throne. Thor decides that Jake is right, and tells Jake that he's going to take him to a wedding. On some unnamed planet, the Dark Gods are on the run from Desak, their numbers down to just a few, and Perrikus deciding that they must stand their ground. Meanwhile, back in Asgard, Thor and Jake arrive, and Thor announces that with the people's blessing and forgiveness for his recent actions, he will take the throne. And his first act as monarch, is to perform a wedding ceremony.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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  1. Thor: Death of Odin TPB #1
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