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Quote1.png Thou mayest look like Skurge. Thou mayest sound like Skurge. Thou mayest e'en wield his weapon. 'Tis clear, though -- thou art not Skurge! Quote2.png

Appearing in "Taking Charge (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "Taking Charge (Part 3)"

Dale Krogstad is dying of cancer, and his last wish was to visit New York City. Unfortunately, it's probably going to be cut shorter than expected until he is saved from being hit by a cab by Thor Girl. He thanks her and as she starts to fly away, she is attacked by Skurge the Executioner. They battle back and forth until he gets the upper hand and is preparing to behead her. In Asgard, Thor is sitting on the throne when he is visited by Loki, and Thor confides in his brother that he had held out hope that Odin might still be alive somewhere, until the Odinpower had slowly starting investing itself in him. Thialfi enters with a message for Thor, that Tarene is on the verge of death from the Executioner. Elsewhere in New York, Jake goes to Christene's apartment to check on her, and finds her tied up in chains, he frees her and she confesses everything to him, changing to her regular form and kisses him. On Earth, Dale tries to save Tarene by blocking his axe with his suitcase, and then leaping on his back, but Skurge shrugs him off easily. Just as he's about to kill Dale, Thor grabs Skurge's axe, blasts him away, and then transports them all to Hel. Thor knows that he's not the real Executioner, and changes him back into his true form, that of one of Hela's Cypher's. Thor then warns Hela not to interfere with him every again, cures Dales cancer, then takes the Bloodaxe and transports them all back to Earth. Elsewhere, Perrikus and Adva are the only two Dark Gods left alive after Desak's attack. Adva manages to activate the continuum gateway and transport them to safety. But before Desak can pursue them, Zarrko arrives and warns Desak about Thor and the future.


  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[1]

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  1. Thor: Death of Odin TPB #1
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