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Quote1.png I desired the chest for my own use, Thor. Still, if I was able to sow doubt and unrest among thy subjects...the day was a good one for Loki, the Trickster! Quote2.png

Appearing in "To Reach Beyond"

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  • Dragonship

Synopsis for "To Reach Beyond"

Balder and several other Asgardians are in a dragonship in Jotunheim on a quest for Thor. He has sent them to retrieve the Chest of Strength, but several of them are doubting his wisdom. Balder and Ggorgstog allieviate their fears by recounting recent deeds that show Thor's strength and wisdom of leadership. Finally they reach the Pool of Crimson Waters, and Balder dives in after the chest. He locates the chest, but is grabbed by several skeletal hands and held below the water, threatening to drown him in blood. But Thor arrives and shattering the hands helps Balder escape. Thor tells him that he grew restless in Asgard and came to see how things were going. They ask him what's in the Chest and he tells them that he doesn't know and that it is for another who requested it. Thor then flies off with the Chest, and Balder voices his doubts about Thor's leadership, giving free reign to the others in the party to do the same. Balder then steps off to the side, transforming into Loki, who had wanted the chest for himself. Thor returns to Asgard, and presents the Chest to his guest, Zeus. Zeus tells him that the Chest is really for Thor, who opens it and finds inside a mirror. Looking into it, he sees himself, but slightly different. Zeus tells him that the mirror reflects the true image of the viewer, and tells Thor that if he ever has need of anything, he only has to ask, then takes his leave. Thor sits on this throne, and viewing Thor Girl and Jake, reflecting that they seem so very far away. While on the ground, in the mirror, a violent and angry image of Thor is reflected in the mirror.

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