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Quote1.png At long last, immortality is the Grey Gargoyle's. Quote2.png
Grey Gargoyle

Appearing in "By Fire Born (Part 1)"

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Synopsis for "By Fire Born (Part 1)"

Thor Girl tries to fill Thor's role on Earth, but isn't doing that great of a job so far. She's wrecking things as much as saving them. Jake tries to help her and guide her as much as he can. In Asgard, Lord Thor is listening to petitioners to settle matters between them, but when they begin to squabble like children, he settles it rather harshly by taking the land in dispute and settling it for orphans whose parents were killed in the battle with Surtur. In school, Tara is caught coming down from the roof, but the principal cuts her a break because of her perfect grade average. When she and Amanda notice that everything appears to have turned to stone, she goes back to the roof to check it out, only to fall prey to the Grey Gargoyle. He turns her to stone, then smashes her body with her own hammer.

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