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Appearing in "By Fire Born (Part 2)"

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Synopsis for "By Fire Born (Part 2)"

In Asgard, Thor leads the Asgardians into battle against some Ice Giants that are encroaching upon the realm. Balder urges him to step back and let the warriors handle them, but Thor craves adventure, nor the boredom of sitting on the throne. Meanwhile on Earth, Jake arrives at the school, and gathers up the remains of Thor Girl and tries to figure out a way to help restore her, and finding no help at Avengers Mansion, goes to the apartment of the Enchantress.

He finds she's not there, but her mystic mirror is, and touching it, sees himself as Thor. Stepping through, he stands as a duplicate Thor, which drains the real Thor of some of his power, leaving him weakened in front of the Ice Giants. The Grey Gargoyle, having taken possession of Thor Girl's hammer, is trying to figure out if he's immortal now or not. He figures out how to fire blasts and fly, and figures that he must be. Amora notices that there's something wrong with Thor, and using the Flame of Truth, sees what Jake has done.

She goes to Thor's side, and causes an illusion to lead the Ice Giants away. Back on Earth, Jake/Thor locates the Grey Gargoyle and goes to confront him, only to be confronted himself by Desak, the killer of gods.


The Frost Giants are depicted as Ice Giants.

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