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Quote1.png Living as a mortal -- abiding by the civilized laws of Midgard -- hath tamed me! Here -- and fore'ermore -- does that affliction end! Quote2.png

Appearing in "By Fire Born (Part 3)"

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Synopsis for "By Fire Born (Part 3)"

Jake Olson fights the Grey Gargoyle and Desak on Earth, but when the Gargoyle claims asperations to godhood, Desak blasts him and tells him that he senses no such thing within him. Jake then flies off, trying to save Tarene from Desak destroying her completely. In Asgard, Thor recovers enough to fight back against the Ice Giants, and Amora convinces him to simply use Mjolnir to remove them so that he can face the true threat that is sapping his power. He does so, then transports himself to Earth. There, Jake/Thor faces off against Desak, until the Spirit of the Jewel appears and tells Desak that he is doing what is right and just. Desak then utilizes the Tools of Ultimate Negation, and blasts Jake/Thor with everything he is, claiming that the God of Thunder is no more.


The Frost Giants are depicted as Ice Giants.

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