Quote1 Clearly, thou has heard of the Bloodaxe of Skurge the Executioner, Desak! Fitting, sure -- for it will be the death of thee! Quote2
-- Thor

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Synopsis for "By Fire Born part 4"Edit

The real Thor arrives on Earth in time to save Jake/Thor. Thor takes back his power into himself, just as Desak catches up to them. Desak notices the real Thor and blasts him back through a couple of buildings and into a bus. In Asgard, Amora is watching the entire thing, and summons Thialfi to bring Thor a weapon. During their battle, Desak is getting the upper hand on Thor, and stabs him in the side with his sword. Thor unleashes the Odinpower at Desak, but it has no effect on him. Jake takes Thor Girls' remains and dumps them through Amora's mirror, restoring her. He's about to step through himself, when he's stopped by Amora. Thor is about the be beheaded by Desak, when he's saved by Thialfi delivering the Bloodaxe to him. Shattering Desak's sword, Thor then buries the Bloodaxe into the chest of Desak, ending his threat.

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