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Quote1.png Let the cry of victory awaken the heavens! Let every god on every plane of existence know that now and forever more - Asgard is mine! Quote2.png
Majeston Zelia

Appearing in "Heroes"

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  • Enrakt (Possessing Mjolnir) (First appearance)

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Synopsis for "Heroes"

Chucky Diamond's radio show awakens several of the heroes of the city, while Thor flies overhead enjoying the sunrise. But Chucky is dishing out the dirt on Thor, saying that he's a fraud and is probably paying the criminals under the table to take a fall.

Thor changes to Jake Olson and runs into Jane Foster, and he begins to tell her his secret when her husband Keith comes up. He remembers that she had gotten married, and changes his mind. Hannah arrives at the hospital, and Jane tells her that it appears that they've got a mystery - stolen drugs from the pharmacy, and it's up to her to try and find out who. Jake meets up with Demitrius for their first call of the day - a heart attack victim. Meanwhile, the FAX driver with a mad-on for Chucky arrives at WNYX, Chucky's radio station with a "package" for him.

Jake and Demitrius arrive at the heart attack location, but Jake suspects that it might not be a real heart attack. Jake insists that the man isn't breating because of some kind of trauma to his larynx, and goes to perform a cricothyrotomy. Demitrius and Jane (on the radio) both tell him that he can't, E.M.T.'s aren't licensed or taught that procedure. But he informs them that he learned from one of the best ever - Doctor Donald Blake. Jane is taken aback by Don's name being mentioned, and when Demitrius tries to forcibly stop Jake, he gets upset and slips into his Thor persona a bit by saying "I say the nay!", shocking Jane even more. Jake was right, and he saved Mr Spollari's life.

The crazy man with the gun, bursts into Chucky's radio booth and threatens to kill him. After loading up Mr. Spollari into the ambulance, Jake overhears about the hostage situation from the police, and rushes off, leaving a very puzzled Demitrius behind. Jake changes to Thor, and breaks into the station, knocking the gunman down and saving Chucky in the process, but Mjolnir doesn't return immediately to his hand, and Thor barely catches it before it smashes into Chucky as well. As Thor stares puzzeled at his hammer, Mjolnir forms and evil face and tenticles for a second, then they are gone. Chucky thanks Thor for saving his life, and wants him to cut a promo tape for the show, Thor tells him no, and Chucky begins to rant at him, and as Thor whiles his hammer to fly away, the wind blows Chucky's toupee off, overjoying the police on the scene, since Chucky likes to expose everyone else as a fraud.

In Asgard, Perrikus and Adva stand in the blackened and ruined remains of Asgard, waiting on the arrival of Majeston Zelia. She steps through Adva's gateway, and claims Asgard as hers forever.

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