Quote1.png I ain't the smartest man around, but even I can see that you're doin' a good thing, Thor! Just like you helped my wife get doctored up a few months back. If any o' these suits are gonna take you down they're gonna go through me first -- 'cus from now on, I got yer back! Quote2.png
-- Crusher Creel

Appearing in "Reason"

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  • U.N. Dignitaries




Synopsis for "Reason"

Thor addresses the U.N. about what he has been doing, and how the only people that seem to be against him, are the corrupt people in power.


  • Inlcudes letters written by C. Mead, Aaron Johnson, Derrick Hall, Randy Hogan, Maarten Bouw, Thornton Kimes, and Steve O'Rando

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