Quote1 Maybe ol' Harry is not Thor. Maybe he is. Maybe this is a toy. Maybe it's not. Maybe I just choose to believe the hammer's real. And if it is real, then the real Thor will be back for it someday -- and I'll be waiting... Quote2
-- D.J.

Appearing in "The Substance of Things Hoped For"

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  • Fandral (Only appearance)[1] (Wilson's grandson)




Synopsis for "The Substance of Things Hoped For"

The year is 2026, there is no sign of Thor or any of the Asgardians. A young man named D.J. comes across an old man who believes that he is Thor and his doctor is Loki. D.J. later comes across an old hammer with an inscription on it and believes it to be Mjolnir. He tracks down the old man and leads him to the hammer. The Colonel, the old man's doctor, comes for him and takes him away to get help, while D.J. decides that he does not know if the old man is really Thor or not, or if the hammer is really Mjolnir, but he will guard the hammer until the real Thor returns.

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